Roger Niello

1st Senate District Debate Highlights

We have prepared some video highlights from the 1st Senate District Debate held in Granite Bay on September 29. We’ll roll out these “highlights” over the next few days. I want to make sure that you know where I stand on the issues that are important to you.

This first video includes my thoughts on the the mandatory ski helmet law bill. This bill would have required ski helmets for minors while on privately owned ski slopes. I opposed this legislation this year in the State Assembly.

This next video includes my thoughts from the debate on some of the challenges of representing the people of the vast 1st Senate District. Geographically, one of the largest state legislative districts in the nation. My opponent and I have a fundamental disagreement over at least one aspect of effective representation of the more rural areas of the district.

You’ve heard a lot in this campaign about my tax vote in February 2009. Here’s my discussion of that vote and the things that were achieved with those temporary taxes that will all expire this year, in addition to my thoughts on the overal tax collection structure in this state.

My thoughts on our education system and specifically, the need for competition in our school system.

My thoughts on Public Employee Unions.

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