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Sheriff Scott Jones Speaks Truth About Nav Gill


I’m sorry in advance for the long post. I wrote it days ago and did not plan to post it, but it is clear that the bullies are continuing their campaign, so I felt like I had no choice but to stand up for someone who deserves it….

I have long since de-existed Bee gossip activist Marcos Breton from my life, and frankly I’ve promised myself I would not utter his name on my page to give him a wider audience than his column has. While he was admittedly once an insightful journalist, he has devolved in recent years to nothing more than desperate and uninspired click-bait seeker, and a shill for Phil Serna and other far-left actors and causes. Whatever pride and integrity his work used to have has long-since left him, as he tries to maintain his position on a sinking ship now owned by the parent company of The Enquirer. I’m certain most of you do not follow his puerile rants, but he and Serna’s new cause du jour, along with dutiful following by Patrick Kennedy, is to have County Executive Nav Gill removed from office. Remember when they tried to get ME fired—first demanding my resignation, then trying to initiate a recall, then working VERY hard to have someone else elected? All failed miserably, of course. Why? Because I have my own platform—not to mention the truth—to defend myself. Nav does not have such a platform, which is why Supervisors Kennedy and Serna, along with fellow collaborator Marcos Breton, feel they can bully him and influence others. Because that’s what bullies do, prey on those who cannot defend themselves adequately. They would much rather have someone they can control, someone who will yield to their will. So Supervisor Serna gins up an “internal” letter feigning outrage, immediately gives it to his co-conspirator Marcos (this is something Supervisor Serna consistently does with sensitive and internal documents), puts out the call to the loyal ‘activist’ minions who had likely never even heard the name Nav Gill, and the plan to influence others begins. By the way, unfortunately this is precisely how they ALWAYS try and influence policy now in Sacramento County.

Despite what you are told, despite what you may hear, I am here to tell you personally that Nav Gill is an outstanding County Executive for the citizens of Sacramento County, and I’ve dealt with several. He has held that position without issue for almost five years now and, interestingly, he is the FIRST non-white-male to ever hold that position. He is a responsive leader, and tries genuinely to corral the competing interests of the Board, no matter HOW outrageous, as well as steward the various County departments. And I’m not saying this because Nav needs me to defend him, but rather because he deserves it. Good people deserve to have others stand up for them, and we’ve seen far too little of that recently.

This “mask” incident that warrants taking his job? Simply pretense to further their efforts to get rid of Nav, which started LONG before that meeting. These were not line-level employees at the meeting, but rather County leaders who are charged with making responsible decisions for themselves and their employees. There were numerous Covid safeguards for that meeting put in place by Nav that are simply ignored by those who prefer narrative over facts. Because of those safeguards, incidentally, not one other person from that meeting has tested positive after the potential exposure. Sounds to me like redundant safeguards prevailed exactly as they were designed to do. But again, that’s only if you’re interested in facts over contrived and unsupported indignation.

Now I predict that this post will generate another Breton yarn about how Nav and I are aligned, how of course I would support him because he does my bidding, how I’m corrupt and ‘part of the problem’. Breton is nothing if not predictable and unimaginative, as evidenced by the lazy article he writes against me every couple weeks or so—virtually the same article each time—and reaches obsessively to include me in almost ALL of his columns. Nav certainly doesn’t give the Sheriff’s Office everything I want or ask for. But that’s exactly what those who are calling for his resignation want—someone who will do whatever they want. I don’t golf with Nav, we don’t socialize, and in fact I’ve never seen him outside the confines of work. I meet with him on occasion—as all his department-heads do—for the smooth operation of the County, for the efficient service to our residents who are spread out over 1,000 square miles. Because that’s what he cares about. Because that’s what leadership is. Leadership is not using your position to oppress or influence others, it is not putting your personal or political interests before your duty to others, and it is not ganging up publicly with half-truths and innuendo—with the influence of the media—on someone who is politically powerless. Perhaps that is why they don’t recognize how Nav stewards the County with quiet efficiency, integrity, and a commitment to the 1.5 million residents of Sacramento County.

Hmm, upon re-reading this, it sounds like I just wrote an opinion piece. Seems like I COULD do Breton’s job. Maybe it’s finally time to try and get HIM fired.

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