There are few issues that demonstrate the failure of California leadership more than homelessness. Seemingly everywhere you look, homelessness is diminishing the quality of life and safety in our communities– and perhaps most troubling, we are leaving thousands of Californians to struggle and die on the streets.

We need a new approach to homelessness that addresses the root causes of the problem: mental health and substance abuse. We need to reform the way we treat those suffering from mental health and substance abuse and reform conservatorship laws to make it easier for families, social workers, and law enforcement to take action when someone simply can’t act on their own accord. In addition, we need to return to the successful drug courts model which provided the ability of judges to require those suffering from addiction to receive treatment.

We also need to make it easier to build new housing in California. The high cost of housing directly contributes to the homelessness crisis and is caused by radical environmental policies implemented by the state. In the Senate, I would champion efforts to streamline housing construction and lower the cost of building new housing units in our state.


California’s rising crime rates demand immediate solutions. Years of counterproductive policies, such as Proposition 47 and realignment, have let criminals off the hook and left communities struggling. These policies have proven to be failed experiments in reform and need to be repealed and replaced.

Unfortunately, too many have learned the wrong lesson from these failed policies and want to go further and defund the police. I strongly oppose these efforts and will work as a collaborative partner with law enforcement.

Finally, the drug epidemic that is sweeping our communities needs to be confronted with an all-hands-on-deck approach that removes dangerous drugs like fentanyl from the streets and punishes those that knowingly sell these dangerous opioids in California.

Together, we can keep our streets, neighborhoods, and communities safe.

Small Business

California is a state of entrepreneurs. Like so many other California families, I spent a large part of my life managing my family business, the Niello Auto Group. Through hard work and determination, we were able to grow our small business into a leading regional employer.

There is not a single active or former CPA currently serving in the California Legislature, and it shows. Policy after policy coming out of the Capital makes it more expensive and difficult to do business. AB 5 makes independent contract work nearly impossible. Regulatory schemes expose businesses to threats of litigation, simply for doing business as usual. Our high corporate and payroll taxes incentivize businesses to leave the state.

Should I be elected to the State Senate, I will take my experience as a business owner and CPA and fight for reforms to make California a leading state to open businesses and create new jobs.



Sacramento and Placer Counties are growing communities and we need quality infrastructure to connect households across the region to job and educational opportunities. We can’t attract more business if we have deteriorating roads and lack the ability to bring products in or out of the region. We need to reevaluate where we send state transportation dollars and prioritize projects that improve quality-of-life instead of boondoggles like high-speed-rail.

In addition, we need to invest in water storage and flood control measures to ensure the resiliency of our agricultural industry and regional transportation network. For too long, we have neglected to keep up with demand for increased water capacity and are paying the price in the form of prolonged and avoidable droughts.